Sunday, November 11, 2012

SKYFALL - the dark knight rises

Bond. James Matha F**kin Bond. He's back with a shot of epinephrine to the proverbial forehead. 

The film will, of course, be of interest to any Bond fan, to any action fan and somewhat surprisingly, to any Ian Fleming fan. Even though Skyfall is not among his novels it somehow feels that it should have been. Still, you can easily enjoy Bond films without liking Fleming's books. Skyfall captures the quiet essence, the dapper, urbane Englishman, and the ruthless killer that is greatest super hero of literary espionage.  In fact, multiple moments in the film could be traced to narratives of super hero films of the past decade.

I found the 3rd installment, with Daniel Craig as the titular hero, the best rendition so far. I will admit that I didn't much care for the last two despite the critic and fan approval; for Casino Royal in particular. I can't quite put a finger on it, but I admit, that Bond movies are more suitable to my tastes when Roger Moore or Sean Connery are in the lead with stories that are far more inconceivable, yet jovial, concomitant with ridiculous action and world domination in mind. Skyfall continues the tradition, although, the film continues to poke fun at its own past with continuous self reflexive jabs. If they were less disparaging and more jocular in jest than I would be apt to accept the comment. It seems like filmmakers are saying 'Oh! Those silly old Bond movies, look how far we've come'. I suppose audiences today want more realistic dark action, who am I to say otherwise?

Skyfall is at once riveting action and slow paced drama. They decided to craft the story around M with a former agent out to kill her due to bad history between them. Not my favorite Bond concept but interestingly more personal than usual—complete with Bond origin story. I'm sure nearly everyone will like it, and rightly so, but alas, my subjectivity compels me, still, toward the forgotten Bond of old.  

Recommended Viewing: On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Goldeneye - Goldfinger

              Bob Scale: The Critic: 8.5   -   The Fan: 8.0
             MetaCritic: 81
 Rotten Tomatoes: 91
                    IMDB: 8.1

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