Sunday, November 18, 2012

LINCOLN - a tired sage

Monsieur Spielberg is at it once more with his new Civil War drama centered around the political genius of Lincoln

First, I will admit that I didn't really care for this film. It carried on with a deliberate lethargy which assumed too much from the viewer. The whole film seemed uncompromisingly superficial at its best—nearly documentary in style and content. All the actors were acting away onscreen with their various issues but we, the audience, never really come to care. Despite a few brief moments of built up suspension and release, Lincoln just dragged on with an insouciant attitude toward us all. 

Although, one idea that I gleaned and care a great deal about, was discussed. A leader in power will have to make terribly difficult decisions that affect many souls. Therefore when you try to contemplate all possible outcomes of a current decision or dilemma, you may tend to dissuade yourself from taking the proper action. For instance, freeing the slaves; what's next? Women the right to vote?!!  This line of reasoning is illogical. There will always be the next issue to tackle but you should be concerned with the current matter at hand, albeit, with a certain prudence. Various issues of this nature may enter your thoughts as you watch. 

Spielberg is now making films that can no longer be counted on for original and compelling content. This has been the case for many years, unfortunately. I still have hope for the future and will set my sights for his next futuristic epic, Robopocalypse.   

And yes, Daniel Day Lewis was superb at vicariously wearing the spirit clothes of Abraham. 

Recommended Viewing: There Will Be Blood - Young Mr. Lincoln - Munich

              Bob Scale: The Critic: 7.5   -   The Fan: 7.0
             MetaCritic: 86
 Rotten Tomatoes: 90
                    IMDB: 8.2

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