Saturday, September 29, 2012

WONT BACK DOWN - an agreeable sentiment

Won't Back Down is an inspirational mother daughter story. For every part I liked, I further hated two parts but nevertheless was made to be poignantly engaged. 

Waiting For Superman and The Lottery would be two apt prerequisite contemporary documentaries that would clarify necessary subtext for this film. They both contain the real life difficulties many people have, especially in inner cities, with getting their children into educational heuristic institutions of excellence or even abject mediocre ones. Won't Back Down was inspired by real events of a down on her luck, regular mom who was fed up with the poor education available for her daughter. She decided to appeal to the parents and teachers for change to the system by the radical notion of creating their own school. Viola Davis radiates—Maggie Gyllenhall sexes it up.

The difficulties in opening your own school are enormous. The system is set up to make it difficult for change. The well established union makes this clear. The most interesting aspect of the movie was the questions it poses for long standing unions. Many were established with the good intentions of protecting the workers within them concomitant with certain rights. The problem is that these statutes have become a right of passage to act substandard in your job. Once you have tenure, why try as hard? Your set for life. It's easy to see why these union laws have become readily abused. It's time for massive social change in lot of areas; especially in our capitalistic economics and the plutocratic government. 

Once well thought out and executed ideologies are no longer working as well as they should. We are in much need of a biological and ecological software update as the futurist Ray Kurzweil states. Thomas Jefferson, himself, said that revolution is sometimes needed to keep a government in check. I know I'm making some heavy extrapolations but if you ask me the only change that is likely to occur, with significant long term benefits for humanity, will be the likely need of a massive coup d'├ętat. This will surely cause a valley in Sam Harris' morality scale for some time but if done with the right leadership, will yield untold boon. America is sinking and we had better put on a life vest and slowly die or pull the plug out of the drain with a sword. 

Recommended Viewing: Waiting For Superman - Blackboard Jungle - Dangerous Minds

              Bob Scale: The Critic: 6.0   -   The Fan: 6.2
             MetaCritic: 47
 Rotten Tomatoes: 33
                    IMDB: 4.9

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