Sunday, July 1, 2012

TED - a barrel of laughs covered with fluffy raunch

Ted was an impressive, laudable effort for first time live action director, Seth MacFarlane of renowned Family Guy fame. Ted was pitch perfect for his unique voice comedy imbued within an animated teddy bear and the many vocal talents that show up in the 13 years running sitcom. 

Family Guy fans will no doubt love the film - and they should. It is Family Guy with the gloves off and a welcome R rating. What really impressed me about the film was that raunch was not overdone to the point of just making you feel sick and stupid for watching it. The comedy hit the right notes with a general estimate of 90 to 95% of the jokes and gags succeeding, culminating in truly genuine laughter based upon the audience and my own reaction. Like Project X earlier this year, my jaw hurt afterwords because I couldn't stop freaking smiling and laughing my ass off.

The overall narrative may leave some leaving a bit disappointed because it is nothing very memorable or even all that interesting - but hey - we got a foul mouthed teddy bear animated to lifelike perfection beating the crap out of Mark Wahlberg and a Flash Gordon extended cameo as well as a plethora of creative expletive use and Tom Skerritt. What more could one ask for? Every young boy's wish comes true in Ted. Thank you Peter Griffin

Recommended Viewing: Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Seed Of Chucky - Family Guy 

              Bob Scale: Objective: 7.5   -   Subjective: 8.6
             MetaCritic: 59
 Rotten Tomatoes: 69
                      IMDB: 7.6

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