Saturday, June 2, 2012

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN - the forecast is bleak

There was a movie in there somewhere but it never really quite found itself. From first time director Rupert Sanders, who has literally never directed anything at all before except a few commercials, comes a fantasy tale that advertises it's lack of experience at every turn. One wonders what this guy did to get such a high profile job right out of the box.

The trailer seduced me - I was actually pretty excited to see this. Unfortunately, by the end, I felt that it was quite poorly made, badly acted and contained and irksome flow. It just didn't feel right. Charlize Theron is usually quite good in her roles but here it felt as if every scene required her to become incensed and riveted with anger - she did not pull this off well. Kristen Stewart was duly composed but only seemed to convey two emotions - courage and empathy. Thor himself was likable and most likely stole the best scenes. The queens right hand man (her bother) was the most inept idiot to ever grace the screen and I'm glad he got what was coming to him. 

Snow White and The Huntsman was a very dark fantasy story with few moments of real levity. Nevertheless, the actors chosen for the dwarven men were a clever choice and appeared positively real. Some great special effects are mixed in with some kitschy dollar store items though - look at the crown towards the end! Overall, a TV movie from the 90's and blockbuster combination that ceased to amaze and continually disappoint. Too bad because it had such promise.

PS - I also caught Piranha 3DD this week but would rather gouge my eyes with a steak knife and completely engage Hara Kiri than waste my time reviewing the atrocity that was purported as film. Piranha from a couple years back had at least some redeeming qualities. If you want to see David Hasselhoff (yes for real) act like a fool and Gary Busey get eaten alive then go for it. I like bad movies but I don't even know what to make of this one. It was beyond abject.

Recommended Viewing: The Yellow Handkerchief - Monster - Excalibur

              Bob Scale: Objective: 6.0   -   Subjective: 6.5
             MetaCritic: 57
 Rotten Tomatoes: 45
                      IMDB: 6.9

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