Monday, March 19, 2012

CASA DE MI PADRE - a hispanic nightmare

Hmmm... Ahhh... Hmmm... Aha this is comedy at some other level. I think I get the basic idea of what was attempted here, but much to my disappointment, the aim fell far short of lofty satire to feel more like a B movie for young hispanic children.

Will Fair-ell is the protagonist who is the son nobody loves until everybody has to. And of course the young incredibly gorgeous heroine does as well. A silly facile drug plot is the story propellant in which all the characters become embroiled.  Dry dry dry is the humor throughout and I dare say only the Hispanic population will get the most bang for their buck. Casa de mi Padre feels too outside normal cinematic conventions in a negative way to be convincing. It literally feels like watching a terrible soap opera on some wack TV channel. I am all about innovation but here it feels lazy and  mind numbing rather than invigorating. I do like the intended falsity of the sets and animals, yet that seems to be the extent of the imagination. 

Gael Garcia Bernal is a favorite actor of mine and has starred in many great films of the past 12 years. This is his third pairing with Diego Luna (best friends since childhood) and by far the worst. Save your money and watch this with a TV dinner.

Recommended Viewing: Rudo y Cursi - The King - Y Tu Mamá También

              Bob Scale: Objective: 5.8   -   Subjective: 5.5
             MetaCritic: 52
 Rotten Tomatoes: 45
                      IMDB: 5.8

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